Smarter Working in 5 Days Challenge Starts 7th September

Do you ever feel like you’re working so hard, but don’t have much to show for it?  Do you spend whole days on admin work, wishing you could delegate it to someone else?  Perhaps your days are spent dealing with other people's priorities and you need some time to focus on your own? 


Maybe you're struggling to get things done now that you're back to work after being off during lock-down?  If you worked through lock-down, maybe you're needing some help getting back to 'normal' work instead of just dealing with emergencies all the time?

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What if you started finding emails, files and documents as soon as you started looking for them?  What if you could get through your day's to-do list - with time to spare?  What if all those dull, repetitive tasks were automated, so you’re free to work on other things?

Join us for the Smarter Working in 5 Days Challenge starting on 7th September where we’ll

  • Learn the five steps we can take to start working smarter

  • Get the support and resources we need to get the most important work done 

  • Learn how to keep focused on those important projects 


You’ll get:

  • An email each day with detailed, practical advice on each element of the SMART plan

  • The instructions, tools or resources you need to help you take action straight away

  • Access to the River Park Learning Lounge to share your experiences and learn with others

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Meet your trainer

Hi, I'm Jennifer and I'm looking forward to supporting you through the Smarter Working in 5 Days Challenge.  I founded River Park in 2013 to provide to businesses with training that was quick, practical and easy to put into practise straight away.

As an associate member of the CIPD and an accomplished trainer, I saw a gap in the market to use technology to provide relevant, effective and affordable training that's engaging and interactive.  


Today, you will find me designing and delivering in-house and online training and virtual workshops for workplaces at home in the UK and abroad.

I love learning and am happy to be a lifelong learner - I'll never stop learning!  

Smarter Working in 5 Days Challenge Starts 7th September