All training provided at your workplace can be fully customised to suit your business needs.  Whether that means rebranding the materials, adding some policies or procedures, we'll work together to make sure the training is aligned to your strategy, values and practice.

Training is designed to stick and be easy to implement.  All training will include an action plan and some recommendations on how the learning can be applied in the workplace.

No matter the subject, a facilitative approach is used, so the training is interactive, engaging and useful.

Below is just a sample of workshops available.  Please get in touch if you'd like something a bit different.

Managing Others

Whether you're new to management, or would just like to sharpen your skills, this workshop will help you manage others more effectively and with more confidence.

  • Work with management tools and models to identify which ones could work for you

  • Identify the knowledge, skills and behaviours of great managers 

  • Create your own personal development plan to continue improving your own skills

Beginners Excel

If the word 'spreadsheet' fills you with dread, this workshop is for you.  We'll work together on the basics to build your confidence with Excel.

  • What Excel can be used for and what's great about it

  • How to analyse other people's spreadsheets without breaking them

  • How to use basic formatting and formulas to create your own spreadsheets

Presentation Skills

If you dread the thought of having to stand in front of an audience and deliver a presentation, this workshop is for you.  

  • Be able to plan and prepare an engaging presentation

  • Deal with nerves 

  • Practice delivery skills and create your own plan for improvement

Customer Service Excellence

We all know that great customer service is key to the success of your business, yet it's not always that easy to achieve.

  • Understand what makes great customer service

  • Improve your own customer service skills

  • Identify ways to improve customer service within your organisation

Advanced Excel

This workshop is for you if you've been using Excel, but want to make it work better for you.

  • Working with formulae such as IF and LOOKUP

  • Using Pivot Tables and Conditional Formatting to analyse data

  • How to automate tasks using macros

Beginners Word

Whether you're having to work with computers more, or haven't used Word in a while, this workshop will help increase your confidence.

  • What Word can be used for and what's great about it

  • How to create professional looking documents

  • How to save and edit documents quickly

PowerPoint Skills

Whether you're new to PowerPoint or have been using it for years.  This workshop will build your confidence and help you create fabulous, professional slides.

  • Use templates and themes to create great slides

  • Use transitions, animations and actions appropriately

  • Work with images and infographics

Advanced Word

This workshop is for you if you've been using Word, but want to make it work better for you.

  • Adding front covers, table of contents and headers & footers

  • Use themes and styles to create professional-looking documents

  • How to use quick parts to insert blocks of text efficiently

Coaching for Performance

Coaching can be incredibly effective for improving performance in the workplace. Learn how to get started in this workshop.

  • What coaching is and how to use it at work

  • Some principles of coaching

  • Coaching models to help you ask the right questions

Time Management

We're all busy.  Yet, why is it that some people never seem to finish anything and others can't seem to turn up on time.  This workshop will help you improve your time management skills and increase your productivity.

  • Identify your own time management challenges

  • Learn which tools and models will work for you

  • Implement some time management techniques

Performance Reviews

This workshop will help managers conduct effective performance reviews that motivate their team to improve performance.  (A workshop for staff on 'what to expect at your performance review' is recommended in addition to this one.)

  • How to plan and prepare for the performance review meeting

  • How to lead an effective performance review meeting

  • How to have those difficult conversations

Making the Most of Outlook

Many of us spend most of our working day with Outlook open, yet many of us don't use it to it's full potential.  Increase your productivity and work better by getting the most out of Outlook.

  • Use flags, folders and categories to organise your Inbox

  • Use the calendar and task list to organise your day

  • Find out the sharing features that would work for your organisation