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Personal Development Week

20th - 26th January 2020

Do you ever wish you had an extra week just to focus on your own learning?  Do you have a pile of books you’ve not yet read or a stash of online courses you’ve registered for, but not yet completed?  Wouldn’t it be great if you could find the time to learn more?


Perhaps you’ve been setting aside time to learn, but you’re just not getting it.   Many people have never been taught how to learn outside of school – so they’re not benefiting from all the possibilities available.  Maybe you feel like you’re constantly consuming content, but you’ve yet to notice an increase in your performance? 

What if you could spend a week with other like-minded people, prioritising your own development and noticing improvements straight away?  What if you had all the tools and techniques you needed to master any topic or skill you wanted to?   

Join us for Personal Development Week 20th – 26th January where we’ll

  • Make time for learning – every week

  • Get the support and resources we need to develop

  • Learn how to stop just consuming content and actually learn from it


You’ll get:

  • An email each day with tips and information to help you develop

  • Tools such as checklists and worksheets that you can use straight away

  • Access to the River Park Learning Lounge to share your experiences and learn with others

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Meet your coach

Hi, I'm Jennifer and I'm looking forward to coaching you through Personal Development Week.  I founded River Park in 2013 to provide to businesses with training that was quick, practical and easy to put into practise straight away.

As an associate member of the CIPD and an accomplished trainer, I saw a gap in the market to use technology to provide relevant, effective and affordable training that's engaging and interactive.  


Today, you will find me designing and delivering in-house and online training and virtual workshops for workplaces at home in the UK and abroad.

I love learning and am happy to be a lifelong learner - I'll never stop learning!  

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Join us!

Personal Development Week

20th - 26th January 2020