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Most of the time, when I’m asked to provide training, the expectation is for a day or two face to face, in a traditional ‘classroom’ setting. After some discussions, more and more clients are taking up my suggestions of blending that with some virtual or online training, or even replacing face to face training with virtual. There are of course, many ways to provide ways for people to learn, so I’ve listed some options here.

  • Classroom training (not like a lecture, but a shared space where we can discuss the content and try it out through various activities)

  • Virtual workshops (like a webinar, but everyone can talk, go on camera or share their screens. They often involve some ‘quiet time’ where we’re all still online together, but are completing individual activities)

  • Webinars (usually when the session is very content-heavy and there are too many attendees in one session for a proper virtual workshop)

  • Videos (or webinar replays)

  • Online courses (these can usually be taken any time and involve watching videos, reading and doing some practice activities or answering questions. Mine are usually accompanied by a discussion forum to ask questions and share experiences.)

  • How To Guides (usually a PDF that contains step by step instructions on how to do something. Mine usually have blank boxes where you can answer questions on how you’ll implement it at work.)

  • Workbooks (a bit like the How To Guide, but with more space for you to work through the content and add your own answers. I’ll usually include links to some of the above.)

  • Practice at work (a bit like homework, where you’ll practice what you’ve learned while you work)

I think the best solutions are usually a blend of some of these, so if you sign up for one, you’ll usually get access to at least one other method too.

The next time you’re thinking of buying in training, consider which way might be the best for your business, or be open to all of these suggestions.


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