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This is how everyone else is using Word

When we've been working in the same role for a while, we develop habits around the software we use for certain things. I bet you don't even really think about it - you just open Word, Excel or PowerPoint and crack on. Have you ever stopped to think, 'how else could I use it?'

We all know Word is great for letters and reports, but what else is everyone using it for?

  • Manuals with contents and indexes that link to the information you need

  • Creating a suite of corporate branded templates and documents

  • Creating newsletters and mailshots

  • Using mail merge to address envelopes

  • Using mail merge to send emails

  • Dictating your thoughts and having Word type them

  • Creating and editing pictures and graphics

  • Collaborating on drafts using track changes or drawing tools

  • Using the built-in templates when you don't know where to start

  • Creating marketing materials, labels, calendars, menus, CVs, and anything that could be on paper!

How do you use Word? Leave a comment to share your ideas.


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