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What if your spreadsheets were magic?

I was doing some consultancy work for a client a few months ago where I set up some spreadsheets for them to help with their weekly reporting. The client (who doesn't want their boss to find out they didn't do it all themselves, so can't be named) said the new spreadsheets were "working like magic". It wasn't a huge piece of work if I'm honest, it was the kind of thing where the client kept saying 'wow, that's amazing', or 'how did you do that?', and I'd keep replying 'its easy when you know how'. The result is that now those reports take 5 minutes to update and distribute each week. Previously they took a whole day.

What if you had the confidence to create spreadsheets that everyone believed were magic?

What if you had the confidence to create a spreadsheet filled with formulas that did all the calculations and cross referencing for you? What if your spreadsheet magically coloured itself in, highlighting the items that were overdue or needed looked at?

What if you had the confidence to let other people update your spreadsheets because you knew there was no way they could mess them up? (See this post for that top tip). What if you could force those other people to enter actual dates where you need them to and to select from a drop down list of items that you've preset? What if they couldn't 'accidentally' delete formulas or rows? You'd be able to delegate the data entry AND still sleep at night!

What if you could set up a spreadsheet with graphs and data for each department, that you only needed to hit 'refresh' on before distributing each week? Think of all that extra work you could do / coffee you could drink / more spreadsheets you could create!

The secret?

None of this is magic. It's actually pretty easy once you know how.

Join us for the Advanced Excel course starting on 13th February to find out how to do all of this and more!

Find out more about the course here.



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