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Your Virtual Training Coach

We provide support for trainers who want to design or facilitate engaging, interactive training online.  If you're thinking about converting your classroom training to virtual, but are worried about the technology, or maintaining the level of interaction you're used to, we can help.

Even if you’ve been training virtually for a while now, maybe you’re wondering how to add even more value. Perhaps you don’t enjoy delivering virtually as much as you do face-to-face or you’re not sure that your participants enjoy it. You want more connection, better conversations and much more engagement. It is possible virtually!


Maybe you’re fed up hearing from the same minority and want to find ways to include the quieter learners. Maybe you just want some different ideas to inject more of your natural training style and facilitate highly interactive events.

Go from doing virtual training well to facilitating truly engaging learning experiences that you and your participants love.


Recently, I worked with a trainer who had been demonstrating a new piece of software to everyone in their organisation. Through coaching and consulting to make the training more interactive and engaging, the program went from a Net Promoter Score of 2 to 4.8 out of 5. Not only that, but the trainer went from feeling pretty indifferent about delivering the training virtually to feeling really excited about it.

A group of women at a business meeting

After a 'detailed design' and some coaching with our facilitator, our program went from a NPS of  2 to 4.8!



Let’s spend an hour together talking about your session and discussing some ideas to enhance it with interactions and activities suitable for your platform, your content, and your client.



We’ll review your existing content and devise a detailed design including a fully scripted trainer guide, slides and any supporting materials. 

Priced based on a design to delivery ratio of 3:1

£100+VAT per hour


An Hour of Ideas, plus A Detailed Design before your event.

You'll also get live production support during your training to help with all the technical details and a post-training coaching session.

Contact us for a quote.

Book a call to discuss your needs


Work with me as your virtual training coach to amplify your live virtual training. We’ll work together to design, facilitate and produce collaborative, highly engaging virtual training that sticks.

As a professional trainer, you’ll already have your own way of working and you’ll probably have a clear idea about where you need help. We work with you to provide the coaching and consulting that you need.


Browse through the options below or contact us and tell us what you need!

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