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Master Excel and Save

Advanced Excel Online Course Starts 25th November

Save by booking before 15th November

Clients often think that providing training on Excel for their staff is a 'nice to do'. They know it'll help them get quicker and that it might help them produce better reports, but it's not really going to change anything else... or is it?

I worked with someone who had been in the same role for 20 years, until a couple of days training in Excel helped her step up into a promotion, saving the organisation unnecessary recruitment costs in the process.

Julie had worked as an administrator in the third sector for 20 years, yet had no confidence using Microsoft Excel. It was her nemesis. 

Always trying to catch her out whenever she dared open a spreadsheet. Forcing Julie to interrupt her colleagues to ask for help all the time. Something she felt bad about doing. So, whenever possible, she avoided using Excel and used slower, older methods to get the job done. 

This put added pressure on her workload and stopped Julie from taking on new roles and advancing her career. Eventually, she realised this couldn’t continue and that she needed help to master Excel to enable her to benefit from its efficiencies and timesaving features.

I spent a couple of days with Julie, on a one-to-one basis, playing around with Excel and working with basic examples to build her confidence.

After the first day of training, Julie said, “It’s not that hard at all! I really feel I can do this.” Excel is now Julie’s new best software friend. The training she received gave her the skills and confidence she needed to step up and take on more responsibility. She now produces the monthly KPI reports for her organisation.

If you have someone like Julie in your organisation, why not treat them to this Advanced Excel Online Course starting soon.

Early bird savings of £51 Book Now to Save

After this course, participants will be able to get Excel to analyse data for them, set up reports in only a few clicks and create buttons that do exactly what they want them to!

Over four weeks, learn how to use the advanced features of Excel without leaving your desk. This four week course allows you to learn entirely online through virtual workshops and activities so you can implement what you learn in your own workplace each week.

Virtual Workshop Dates (Mondays): * 25th November * 2nd December * 9th December * 16th December All 1pm - 2pm UK Time

* if booked before 15th November.  Normal price £250.

Entirely online, this course with equip you with the skills and confidence to use Excel in your every day work.  You'll get hands-on practice through the activities which you can work on whenever it suits you.  Each week, you'll learn about Excel in a supportive, engaging virtual workshop - a bit like a webinar, except you'll be encouraged to speak, interact and have a go.  You'll also get workbooks that you can keep and refer back to long after the course ends.



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