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The Top 10 Books for Training Managers

As a Training Manager, you already know how important it is to continue learning and I'm sure you've already got a long reading list. Often, we're too busy providing learning opportunities for others, that we struggle to fit in our own CPD - unless it's a course or workshop that's in our calendar.

Reading is a perfect way to keep up with your learning, without spending too much time away from work. You can even listen instead if that suits you better. Even reading (or listening) for 10-20 minutes each day adds up to whole books you wouldn't normally have thought you'd have time for.

Here are my top ten books for training managers in no particular order:

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One of the best books about adult learning theory. If you've read it, I'd highly recommend re-reading it.

Again, a classic. Learn more about the growth mindset and how it can help you encourage more people to learn.

If you're struggling to persuade people to attend training, read this for some great insights into motivation.

Be inspired at how people learn to become masters in their field.

Learn more about deliberate practice and be inspired by the stories in this classic book.

Read this for some great tips on incorporating practice into your training.

For anyone who believed the 'goldfish myth' (including me), this book will bust all those misconceptions about what you think you know about training.

Learn just enough about neuroscience to provide even better training for your team.

Exactly what it says. Read through this book for practical advice on designing effective training.

Lastly, download my free ebook on How to Inspire Continuous Learning in Your Workplace.

What are you reading right now? What books would you recommend for other Training Managers? Let us know in the comments below.



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